Universal Rhythm Hybrid

Universal Dance Methodâ„¢ Level 1

Course Summary

Dancing is one of the best hobbies for adding connection and fun into your relationship. Just a little structure can get you and your partner on the same page so that can feel more connected, have more fun, and incorporate a splash of dance into your love story.

Confidence comes with preparation. Knowing how to dance with your partner takes away the stress, anxiety, and the guesswork. It's like learning the same language and being completely fluent with your partner on the dance floor.

The Universal Dance Methodâ„¢ is a strategic and progressive process that is designed to get you having fun and looking good on the dance floor sooner than you thought possible. Connection is at the core of the Universal Dance Methodâ„¢ and is where the magic happens.

This course will take you from absolute beginner to dancing through an entire song from beginning to end. You will learn the skills to have fun and connect so that you can have more intimacy and romance with your partner, all using 3-4 simple dance steps.

Great for absolute beginners - no dance experience necessary. 

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