Easy and accessible dance lessons designed to get you having fun and looking good from day one.

Track your progress with a dance progress worksheet designed to keep you moving forward.

Access your library of lessons any time that is convenient for you, all from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All lesson series are self paced.
I recommend that you practice at least 15-30 minutes every 1-2 weeks in order to be able to maintain progress. You can do this in one setting or break it up, if that works better for your schedule. You can also practice every day if you choose. However much time you are able to put in will get you to your goal so long as you are consistent and keep going.

This depends on a couple of things, including your goals. All students learn at different paces, have different abilities, and have varying amounts of time to dedicate to their progress each week

You will learn universal dance movements and steps that can be applied to almost any song and situation. With the Universal Dance Method™, you will develop connection with your partner so that you can start having fun sooner. We also begin with a basic movement that everyone can look good doing from day one. 

This is for couples wanting to learn practical partner dancing for fun.
Basically, if you don't want to perform, compete, or spend thousands of dollars on dance lessons — then this is for you.

There are no contracts to any course or membership. All lesson series come with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Dancing changes lives.

Benefits of Dance

Most students have different goals and objectives with their social dancing. Some have wanted exercise for weight loss or physical movement. Some want to learn for a cruise, wedding, or just to make their significant other happy. Others are drawn to the possible brain benefits. Whatever your goal, you are in good company.

  • health and fitness
  • make your special person happy
  • stress relief
  • fun
  • brain benefits
  • more fun and joy in life!

Kari and Nathan Dziewiontkoski


Kari is a wife, Mom, and life long learner.

She started her dance journey immersing herself in Lindy Hop five to seven nights a week in the Seattle swing scene. She also dabbled in Argentine Tango for a while until she ultimately became a ballroom and salsa instructor/performer/competitor. She performed and competed in the U.S. and Canada, from Seattle to Miami, Banff to L.A.

That was a while ago. Now, teaching dance isn’t about competition, but about FUN.

Through her years of teaching, she saw that most people did not actually need complex structured competitive dance styles. Or to learn a dance for each style of music. Most people just want to be able to dance at events and social gatherings, maybe at cruises and weddings — and to have fun.

Then she met a couple on a cruise who changed the way she saw dance. They came up and started talking about dance with her. Where Kari was used to structured dances, often competitive in nature, that fit to only specific styles of music, this couple danced the same moves to every song that came on! No need to change their dance style. Not only that, but this couple had been dancing together for around FIFTY YEARS!

Kari was moved and inspired by this couple and felt that this was what dancing was all about. She wanted to teach couples to dance in a way that was for connection, intimacy, and fun. That was when she started her journey finding a simplified way of helping couples learn to dance together. That's how the Universal Dance Method™ came to be. Combining all of the core components of what she found created the most connected and fun dancing, without the things that didn't.

Dancing has changed Kari’s life and she has seen it change the lives of her students - often in unexpected ways! Many experienced a new-found sense of confidence while others expanded their social circles by meeting new people. Even for those who only dance with their spouse, it becomes a conversation topic that can get you talking to new people and couples you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Seeing how dance can improve and enhance people's lives is why Kari is passionate about making dance easy, accessible, and fun.